Joy on Repeat

Customizable flower subscriptions to bright your day.

Want beautifully arranged flower bundles to arrive at your door on a regular basis? Or how about delighting someone you care about with repeat flower deliveries? 

Our weekly and monthly flower subscriptions make it easy to always be surrounded by the beauty of fresh flowers. Please see below for more details on this program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your flower delivery subscriptions meant for personal or business purposes?
Both! Flowers make a bold statement, no matter where they’re placed. Some customers use our subscription service to fill their home with fragrant, fresh-cut flowers. Other customers order them for their office. Not only can they breathe new life into a stale, grey workspace, but they’re a great way to impress clients and customers.
How often do you deliver to your subscription holders?
That’s up to you! We offer bi-weekly and monthly subscriptions. We also customize the size and style of bouquets to fit your preference and budget.
Can I arrange to have a flower subscription sent to someone else?
Absolutely. In the same way you would order one of our “one-off” flower arrangements or gift boxes, you can contact us at to set up a flower subscription for a third party.
How much do your subscriptions cost?
This depends on the size and style of your order, but our subscription prices begin at $55.
Once I start a subscription, will I be locked in?
We stand behind the quality of our products and know you’ll love our beautifully curated arrangements. However, if for any reason you would like to cancel your subscription, we would be happy to do that for you with 10 days’ notice.
What if I have more questions about your subscription service?
We’re here to answer them! Please click the button below to reach out to us.