About Us


I’m Belinda.

Wife and mama to two small busybodies and a fur baby (our dog, Roxy). You’ll find me and our happy crew in Saratoga, California, where the days are warm and life is wonderful.

As a child, I remember waking up to the smell of freshly cut flowers wafting through our living room. My mother owned a flower and gift shop, so early mornings were spent creating new arrangements. Still, if it was my destiny to follow in their footsteps, I didn’t always know it. I chose the corporate route instead, until it became too much and the comforting lure of flowers called me back home.

Today, I feel so privileged to be doing what I love: crafting delightful gifts to help you delight others. I truly believe that giving is the best feeling. When the perfect gift arrives in the perfect hands? Absolute joy!

3:07 pm studio light and some Hall & OatEs on replay. Now *that’s* a perfect afternoon.
The Ollie & Aya shop is our home away from home, where I design custom pieces that help take your gifts from ordinary to elegant. At any given time, you can find me buzzing around the studio, humming some Hall & Oates, and carefully crafting gift bundles to make life a little more lovely.
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About Ollie & Aya

Ever notice how flowers can light up a smile and a room? Only nature could produce something so beautiful! We build on this beauty by carefully arranging freshly cut flowers into elegant masterpieces. We also hand-craft each bouquet or gift box with your recipient in mind for a truly one-of-a-kind gift. Since color provides energy, it’s often the inspiration for our designs. Different colors have different personalities, so we choose the ones that best represent our customers or the occasions being celebrated. Don’t believe anyone who says that floral arrangement is a science. It’s pure art. We arrange our pieces the same way a composer would create musical notes – in absolute harmony to take your breath away.
A name inspired by love
Our business name came to us in the waiting room before a post-partum check-up. Instantly, I knew it was “the one.” What could be more perfect than choosing the name of our children – Ollie & Aya – to represent something so dear to our hearts? It’s a name that we’ll never get bored of and that will always have special meaning to us.