Celebrating life's small moments & big milestones
At Ollie & Aya, we believe that any reason is the perfect reason to show someone you care. Whether the moment is just because or an epic event marked on the calendar, our products help elevate the experience. Let us be your “gifting concierge” as we provide custom pieces and an easy, enjoyable ordering process.

Floral Design

Beautiful things are always blooming at our family-owned floral studio. We’re open all year round, creating eye-catching floral arrangements that match your style and budget. Our bouquets come wrapped in our custom tissue and kraft paper, or are available in a matte white ceramic vase.

When we step back after creating each bouquet, we feel enamored by the beauty of nature. Whether you’re placing a single order or taking advantage of our ongoing subscription service, we hope you feel the same way!


Gift Boxes

There’s just something special about giving someone a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind gift. While you could go to a big box store or choose a generic gift card, ordering an Ollie & Aya gift box shows you care enough to do something unique.

We have two types of curated boxes in our shop: pre-designed boxes that you can browse and buy as-is, or corporate gift boxes that you can customize according to style and budget. Whichever you choose, our boxes always leave a lasting impression. They make great gifts for bridesmaids, new homeowners, clients, customers, and more.

Some of our favorite occasions for gifting are...

• Just because
• Thank you
• Congratulations
• Birthday
• Anniversary
• Wedding
• Valentine’s Day
• Client/employee appreciation